11 October 2016

Can we stop with all the movements?

I recently read this article titled Inside the growing group of women who wish they'd never had kids.

And I wish I hadn't. 

Not because of what the women interviewed had to say, we all find ourselves somewhere we didn't mean to be sometimes, and kids are a fairly permanent reminder of choosing the wrong ending for your game of life.  There is probably no easy way to say "I reckon life would have been better for me if you hadn't been in it". It is going to sound selfish because women are supposed to love being mothers and have failed at life if they don't have offspring. 

You quite often hear people say "But who will look after you when you're old?" to people that don't want kids. Which is probably more selfish than not having them in the first place. Breeding just to ensure your aged care home bills are paid sixty years down the track is pretty bloody selfish too.

No the reason I wish I hadn't read it is that I am sick of the plethora of articles at the moment turning everything women say or do into a bloody movement. 

Civil Rights - that was a movement. Women's Liberation. End Apartheid. You get the drift. Movements are about large scale societal change which leads to the betterment of things. Movements move things from ONE place to ANOTHER place. You know like from you having no rights for no good reason bar the colour of your skin to you having the same rights as your fellow movement. 

That's a movement. 

But we currently see five articles on Knitting and all of a sudden we have a 'movement of professional women seeking zen through the rediscovery of lost domestic arts'.  

Some women say "I don't believe in feminism" and all of a sudden it's a movement of women rejecting all that Emily Pankhurst and her ilk fought for. Or its a random bunch of women who have taken their privileges for granted and have no understanding that the race isn't yet over but now we've gone and made such a song and dance about 'the movement of women rejecting feminism' people are sharing stories about how they like to be objectified and wolf whistled and otherwise subjected to overt displays of misogyny they can share on Instagram. 

Or more men stay at home as the primary carer and all of a sudden we have a moment of women who are rejecting motherhood for money.  I could go on but I'm sure you can think of about sixty billion examples right now off the top of your head. It's insane. 

It probably wouldn't be so annoying if they did it for men too. I mean men start growing beards again and instead of being envious that they don't have to wear makeup because you can't see their faces, we package the whole thing up as brand "hipsters" and change our entire way of eating to accommodate their need to eat more cleanly so as not to drip in their beards. Deconstructed EVERYTHING anyone?

No-one calls it a movement. There isn't a movement of 'men not wanting children' or 'men rediscovering a passion for XXXX in an increasingly confusing world' or 'men that secretly wanting to wear lycra'.  Okay, my bad - there is Comic Con. 

But really and truly, can't we just let women share some commonality without forcing them into a box we can label, pretty up with a bow and present without causing offence?


Or do I need to start a hashtag - #themovementofwomenagainstmovements #womenwhodontknowhowtobelong #irritablebitchsyndrome #ifmytrafficstatsshowaninfluxofpeoplelookingforinformationaboutbowelmovementsIamprobablygoingtocry.

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