1 June 2017

Love - Nil

Look, I hadn't ever heard of Margaret Court before. I'm sure she's great at tennis but she's a bit shit at being a loving inclusive Christian type.

Here's the thing about gay people.

They're gay.

They happen to love people of the same gender.

It's that fucking simple.

There is no grey in that.

There is no ulterior motive.

There is no big fat agenda.

There is no devil coming for our children.

They are just human beings capable of love.

Just like the rest of us.

They aren't some kind of modern communism. Or national socialism. Or goat bonking perverts.

Here's the other thing about gay people.

They are people.

Capable of good things and bad things. Like all people.

Because, in case you missed it.....

Gay people are just FUCKING PEOPLE.

With human rights.


And I am heartily sick of us giving air time to the likes of Margaret Court and Miranda Devine and whichever posturing pretend Christian politician is trying to get his name in the paper this week.

I am heartily sick of the hurt inflicted on every single one of my gay friends - and I've got a DISPROPORTIONATE NUMBER OF THEM REMEMBER? - every time some slack jawed, high profile bigot of advanced years wants to inflict their lifestyle on the rest of Australia.

Okay. Deep breaths. My point?

All people in Australia should have the same human rights as all the other people.

And Margaret Court should shut the fuck up.

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