23 November 2017

Australia - You Suck

Refugees flee sunny days in their own countries because sunny days look like this

and like this 

and like this 

 and like this

 and like this

 and like this 

They do everything they can to stay alive. They sacrifice everything. Everything.
Everything except hope. 

And then rather than look after them, we locked them up in concentration camps and refuse to help them. During the time they are in the 'care' of Australia - they lose the will to live. 

What war has not taken from them, Australia has.
We have destroyed hope. 

This twenty seconds of footage is extremely distressing. Having fought to stay alive for so long, they would rather die than face further imprisonment, abandonment and uncertainty. 

Australia did this. We destroyed these men. 

In the week that has passed since we indicated that we would sincerely like parliament to get on with it and sort out marriage equality, a bunch of politicians are bullshitting on about their religious freedoms and how we are being really mean by not letting bakers choose who they bake cakes for.

In the meantime - we are systematically, intentionally, deliberately destroying the freedom of hundreds of men. And not only that, this is barely news. 

Australians appear to care more about the Ashes, Black Friday sales, who is replacing Lisa Wilkinson on the Today Show and sports. So much fucking sports. 


I have literally been crying as I write this, and as I ring the offices of our politicians to indicate how appalled I am about what is going on and that, like many others, I want it to stop.

Don't look away. Look at what we have done to people who already had nothing.  

Australia. You suck.