Talking Frankly is a gander at the maelstrom of a modern woman's mind: unpredictable, personal and chaotic: liberally and enthusiastically sprinkled with humour, sarcasm, lots of love, a touch of exaggeration and plenty of self proclaimed wit. 

I'm an advocate for the positive role social media plays in our lives today and how it can, and does make a difference to individuals, businesses and communities.

I am a massive supporter of social justice initiatives such as marriage equality, welcoming refugees, active citizenship, feminism and I'm pretty vocal about recognising our shared humanity, compassionate politics and practicing random acts of kindness.

I am an admirer of wordsmiths, quirky thinking and chutzpah. I am actively opposed to apathy.

I also run a consultancy called Positively Social which pretty much does what it says on the tin!

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